Client Testimonials

See what recent clients are saying about working with Madeline Charles

"I am less stressed, more calm. Madeline encouraged me to try different techniques to determine what works best for me. I learned how to be good to myself. Madeline is empathetic and understanding. Easy to talk to. Easily builds trust. Non-judgmental. Makes well thought out suggestions. It is obvious that she loves what she does. She gave lots of positive feedback and showed appreciation for the work that I did. She was life changing for me. I am forever grateful."  ~J.E.

"Madeline is thoughtful and kind, but not afraid to poke a bit into my motivations! She's introduced me to mindful awareness: taking a moment to examine why I'm feeling pressured or overwhelmed. She's also helped me to recognize that my people-pleasing is actually an avoidance, because I dislike confrontation. I've learned how to constructively confront. Most positive aspect of working with Madeline? She gives constructive action homework, and I need actual how to's quite often! Thank you, Madeline, for your insights." ~S.S.

"Upon our first session, Madeline  gave me a few papers with easy to follow diagrams to help explain the way she chose to work and how she would help me. Madeline made me feel safe, optimistic, and understood.

Since then, I have made tremendous strides in my progress in healing. Through the past few months, my work with Madeline has completely reshaped that way I choose to live my life and how I handle my emotions.  I have learned to accept myself and most importantly, take good care of myself. My internal dialogue is no longer hateful, but very loving. I have learned to take care of myself before taking care of others and creating boundaries in my relationships.

My favorite part of working with Madeline is that she finds a way to help you come to your own realizations. Madeline is capable of recognizing the deeper issue and helps to guide you without influencing you. She knows how and when to give verbal feedback and when to sit quietly and let you think.

One sentence to describe working with Madeline: Leaving each session with homework for improvement and returning to the next session with results." ~ S.P.

"Madeline has been an absolute blessing and light for me amidst very challenging transitional times in my life. She always listens and truly cares about helping you achieve positive results in your life. I would have to say helping people is more than just a job for her it seems to be her calling. She is gifted, she asks the right questions and says just the right things enabling me to see past my limitations and ultimately grow for the better. Since I began seeing Madeline 4 months ago I feel like a completely different person in a very positive way. Having her support once a week has been grounding, comforting and perspective shifting. Every week I’m excited and look forward to my session with Madeline. At the end of our sessions, I always leave feeling better than when I came in. I’ve opened up so much to Madeline over these few months and feel that I can tell her anything without judgment. Her feedback to me sharing things that are hard to talk about is always supportive and always accompanied with the perfect suggestion to help me see things in a new light and move past the things that are holding me back. My experience with Madeline has been nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful I was blessed to be able to work with her. I could not possibly recommend her enough!" ~ M.D.